New York Asian Escort 's biggest pimps in the mother committed suicide-escort in her home

By the media referred to as "Lady New York Asian Escort" "Super pimps" Jeane Palfrey May 1 committed suicide. Jeane Palfrey of the police in the town of tabanan is located in Florida in the mother's home found the woman's body. Investigators noted that the genus Jeane Palfrey committed suicide. Jeane Palfrey in his handwritten suicide note at the scene, revealing to suicidal thoughts.
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Jeane Palfrey, 52 years old, arrested in the United States capital of Washington to operate advanced Web site: "pameilamading escort" company was prosecuted. Previously owned woman she claims to have received university or higher education, thus providing escort services only, accompanying the customer take part in social activities. Jeane Palfrey said their contribution to the Organization of employment of staff in service "did not know".

It is learnt that Jeane Palfrey exposure which causes quite strange: one United States Federal Government employees angry to discover that his girlfriend was a prostitute. 

Followed by one at the hands of Jeane Palfrey "escort" woman working on media, the boss "to provide customers with any service." Then, about the "Lady Washington" many secrets begin to become a media hot spot.

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