Escorts Service Review: How to say Hiring An Escort Is A Horrible Mistake

Let’s face it: there always comes to a point in every New York guy’s life where he finds himself wondering if he needs to hire a hot NY Asian escort – and now you’re in that boat.  Whether the threat of your 10-year high school reunion is looming or you’re forced to go to yet another wedding, you don’t want just any woman on your arms…

You want a woman so hot, so stunning, and so downright sexy that every guy in the room will buy you a drink and give you the legendary slow clap.

But maybe you’re hesitant about hiring a sexy new york escort girl. Maybe you think it’s “skeevy,” or that you’ll end up with an escort who looks like she belongs on the streets of Florida (hel-lo, land of face-eating druggies).  And hey, we get it: popular culture practically forces us to believe that hiring an escort for a big event is as wrong as socks with sandals.

But popular society isn’t exactly the one who needs to go to a massive event where tons of friends and family members will be there – and you’re not about to take a new date with you (last time you did, you accidentally unleashed a stage-five clinger).
If you’re still on the fence about hiring an escort, let us convince you why not doing so is probably one of the worst mistakes you can make over the next five minutes:

1: When it comes to a big event like a high school reunion or a wedding where all your business school buddies will be there, the real reason for going isn’t about connecting – it’s about showing off.  It’s about demonstrating who has the best job, who’s managed to keep their body fighting fit, and who has the sexiest girl on their arm.  If you don’t have a girlfriend right now (or you’re not dating anyone even close to “show-off worthy”), hiring a hot escort can be precisely what you need to do get your buddies ridiculously jealous about your life.

2:  Being single at an event where everyone’s all coupled up really sucks.  And if you’re flying solo to a friend’s wedding or a college reunion, you’ll not only realize just how single you are – you’ll feel like a spotlight is shining right on you.  Hiring an escort can help you avoid that awful feeling like you’re going to be sat at the kid’s table any minute.

3:  Let’s face it: even if you’re dating a bunch of hotties at the moment, you’re not about to take them to massive family events or high school reunions; i.e. events that will understandably let your date read into the invite and start making pretty serious girlfriend assumptions.  If you’re not ready for that stage, this amateur move could end up producing a clinger.  Hiring an escort could help you avoid that awkward scenario.

Don’t let any of these mistakes happen to you – hire a drop-dead gorgeous escort and avoid looking like a chump at that next big event.

this page was last updated 2017-Nov-18


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